Macca’s Friday Funnies

A Lawyer, representing a wealthy art collector called him and said, “Paul, I have some good news and I have some bad news.” The art collector replied, “I’ve had an awful day; Let’s hear the good news first.” The lawyer said, “Well, I met with your wife today and she informed me that she invested […]

Macca’s Trax #9

Merry Christmas everyone, I’ve been a bit slack for the last couple of weeks but I’ve had a bit on and, as you know, writing isn’t my favourite past time. Since I spoke to you last we’ve wrapped up the What’s Up Downunder summer series down on Phillip Island. We took a Red Centre Tanami+ […]

Macca’s Trax #8

G’day trendsetters, Back again for an update, I left Port Fairy after a rather socially hectic week with Merv Hughes and Squizzy Taylor from Merv Hughes Fishing and made my way into a week off filming. I cruised up the coast in the Chev dropping into Ocean Grove to deliver a few things to Robby […]

Macca’s Trax #7

G’day! I thought it was time I checked in again to let you know what I’ve been up to, let’s face it, it makes it easier on the stalkers in the group Hahahhaha. Where was I when I left you last time? Ahhh that’s right, I’d just said hooroo to Greg Evans in Sheparton having […]

Macca’s Trax #6

G’day punters! It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’ve only just now got the chance to sit down and write (if I’m honest it’s actually because writing to me feels no different to what it did when it was homework at school). If there’s something more exciting to do, I’ll choose it over […]

Macca’s Trax #5

G’day again, Hope you’re all well, and things are getting a little better in your world each week. Things are opening up and the good news for me is that I’ve been able to get out of Victoria and visit Jess in NSW. It was so good to catch up with her and spend a […]

Macca’s Trax #4

G’day, I thought I’d give you an update, not a lot of “Trax” to report as such because regardless of what they tell us on the news, I seem to be pretty much locked down still. I thought I found an opening to go and visit my daughter Jess in NSW a few days ago […]