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Campfires are something you should enjoy whenever the opportunity presents itself, the spontaneity is what makes a campfire such a unique friend.

You can enjoy it alone or with friends, you can even enjoy it with strangers who will more than likely become friends.

It is a place to solve problems, to create laughs and memories to to do the deepest thinking when we need it and I want this newsletter to have the same qualities.

This is a communication that will come to you with the spontaneity that makes campfires special and it will contain the same topics as you’d find around most campfires. It’s not a 4WD publication, it’s not an RV magazine, it’s a collection of information I hope you’ll find informative, inspirational and educational depending on what you need at the time.

And from time to time there will naturally be some commercial content (after all someone has to pay the bills) but I will attempt to embed that content with the above focus in mind.

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Cheers, Macca

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