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Macca’s Trax #2


Well here we go, time to sum up another week, week two of my blog and I have to say, week one went off like a frog in a sock. Four responses, that for me was a record or as they call it in the olympics, a PB, let’s see if we can make it five this week and my motivation cup shall runneth over.

What have I been up to? Well, that’s a bloody good question, I’m glad you asked. Not a lot actually, I’m still stuck in Victoria but that’s not all bad, the weather has been quintessentially Victorian, a bit of rain, a bit of hail, a bit of wind and a touch of sunshine which was lovely, everyone got a bit of what they needed and the hail cleaned the bug guts off my windscreen nicely. I’ve taken the opportunity whilst not filming to wire up the new Silverado with its necessary electrical bits for towing so as soon as we can get back on the road I’m good to go. I’ve been in the recording studio (remain calm, I haven’t been singing) recording voiceovers for What’s Up Downunder and some TV ads which kept me busy for a day or so also.

A few people, well one person, one of the four who responded to my first blog mentioned my moonshine so I’ll talk about that for a moment. Labels are coming along well and hopefully in the week coming they will be done then I’ll get back to preparing that for market so it shouldn’t be long before you can give it a run for yourself. Talk on the telly would indicate that the travel horizon is getting closer and I’m as keen as mustard to get into New South Wales to see my daughter Jess and back into Queensland to see family and friends up there. I’m sure there are plenty of you who like me have missed seeing our loved ones but hold on tight, if we can believe the political powers this time, it shouldn’t be far away. Anyway, I’ll let the four of you get back to reading all the cool blogs you visit and I’ll catch you again next time.

Remember, Get some mud on your tyres


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Craig “Macca” McGown has spent more than half his life exploring and working all over Australia. He has been involved in the outdoor leisure industry for over 15 of those years and has an intimate understanding of what does and doesn’t work in Australia’s harshest environments.

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  1. Loved the update!! let’s hope the travel date and. BOrder openings are coming soon indeed