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Macca’s Trax #3

Well, another week another dollar, what’s going on? I’m glad you asked, not a great deal. I’m still marking time in Victoria, awaiting the opening of the borders. It looks like QLD might finally open up and allow you to quarantine at home, as long as you live within 200km of the Brisbane airport, sigh. They cry constantly about metro areas being overpopulated and they want more people to move to regional areas and then make living in metro areas easier than regional. Don’t get me started. 

Anyway, enough about that, I’m sure everyone is over hearing about Covid-19, borders and politics, let’s talk about moonshine. The upside of me being locked down for this long is that I have now perfected this whistle wetting drop and have enjoyed playing this week with different mixes and cocktails using it. The graphic artists working on the label are busy and the artwork still isn’t finished but should be done soon. Keep your ears and eyes on it and you should be able to get your hands on a bottle soon.

Other exciting news, next year I’ll be starting a new project where I test and report on all sorts of products. It’s called Macca’s Test Bed, people can send me products and I’ll video my review of them in a typical tongue in cheek manner but I’ll be giving my honest opinion on how I reckon they’ll go for you.

What else is news? Ummmmm Christmas, someone wished me a merry Christmas this week, perhaps a little early I know but you know what? It actually brightened my day. I’ll be catching up with Jess for Christmas (providing the border opens) and having not seen her for so long, I’m really looking forward to that so, I’m saying it to you all in the hope that it brightens your day too, I know it’s early, but who cares, Merry Christmas!

Not much else going on here, but I’m not complaining, once the borders open I’ll be flat out working so to have a little bit of slow time is a blessing, I’m off to wet a line and try to catch a fish or two for dinner so you lot enjoy yourself and keep smiling.

Hey, one last thing, there’s a lot of people out there doing it tough right now, maybe you’re even one of them. Today, no excuses, ring a mate who you think might be doing it tough and check in on them. If you’re one of the ones who is doing it tough, no more tough act, ring a mate and tell them you’re doing it tough, that’s what friends are for.

Have fun,

Get some mud on your tyres,


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Craig “Macca” McGown has spent more than half his life exploring and working all over Australia. He has been involved in the outdoor leisure industry for over 15 of those years and has an intimate understanding of what does and doesn’t work in Australia’s harshest environments.