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Macca’s Trax #5

G’day again,

Hope you’re all well, and things are getting a little better in your world each week. Things are opening up and the good news for me is that I’ve been able to get out of Victoria and visit Jess in NSW. It was so good to catch up with her and spend a few days. We caught up on the gossip, had a few nice meals, some laughs, and sampled some moonshine, good times. 

Jess has a beauty salon in Boorowa so it’s been a wild ride for her with lockdowns like so many of us. During the time she was shut down, she made a few changes around the salon so when I got there she had a few bits and pieces she asked for a hand with. I had to run a bit of sandpaper over my old carpentry skills to get the rust off but it came back to me and away we went, I have to say, it was actually fun.

We’re going to send off my old mate Prousty on Monday so I’ve headed up to visit some friends on the way and I’ll get there on Monday morning. It’ll be a sad day but a celebration I’m sure, I’ve got to say though, the ability to move around and catch up with friends and family is a welcome novelty after lockdown. 

We get back to work next week so it’ll be great to catch up with the crew of What’s Up Downunder again to film the summer series. We’ve got some celebrities joining us so I’ll give you some more info and pictures when that all kicks off. Again, I hope you’re all well and things are brightening up.

Have fun, keep smiling, Macca

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Craig “Macca” McGown has spent more than half his life exploring and working all over Australia. He has been involved in the outdoor leisure industry for over 15 of those years and has an intimate understanding of what does and doesn’t work in Australia’s harshest environments.

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  1. Boorowa !!!! Fck me, that is my home town !! I will call in and say hi next time up there…