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Macca’s Trax #7


I thought it was time I checked in again to let you know what I’ve been up to, let’s face it, it makes it easier on the stalkers in the group Hahahhaha.

Where was I when I left you last time? Ahhh that’s right, I’d just said hooroo to Greg Evans in Sheparton having filmed a couple of episodes for What’s Up Downunder. What did I do next? Um, it’s been a while so I’ll have to think… Warrnambool, that’s right, I caught up with Robby Nethercote for the first time in ages in Warrnambool. It was great to see her and she bought along her new baby Jules (well he’s not that new, he’s about 10 months old but it’s the first time I’ve seen him because of all this covid business). Robby also came fully equipped with her mum and dad, Andy and Lyn so they could help with Jules while she was working. I’d only met them once before and it was brief at a caravan show so it was great to finally hang out with them and have a few laughs, well, lots of laughs actually.

We had a New Age Big Red caravan for the trip and had a ball exploring Warrnambool and it’s surrounds. The locals were friendly and accomodating but the weather was a little questionable. It’s almost December for goodness sakes and I spent most of the time in a coat. 

Warrnambool wrapped up and the crew and I said our goodbyes to the Nethercote family and made our way to Port Fairy for the next shoot. And our next guests, Merv Hughes and Squizzy Taylor from Merv Hughes Fishing joined us and took over the caravan for this part of the summer series and what a blast we had. I catch up with Merv and Squizzy a few times a year in different places and the laughs never end. A couple of top blokes they certainly are and when you marry their madness with that of mine and the crew, it’s bound to be trouble. 

The questionable weather followed us from Warrnambool but it definitely did not dampen our spirits with us finding shelter in many a fine licensed establishment to keep our spirits high. The team from the Moyne Shire council looked after us well, showing us the sites around the area and this little town is a cracker. Apparently the “world’s most liveable community” and it shows. The town has a great vibe and there’s plenty to explore, well and truely enough even though the weather kept us away from the fishing. Anyway, I won’t bore you with the details, you can watch it all on What’s Up Downunder on Network 10 next year.

Hope you’re all well, Keep smilin, have fun and, Get some mud on your tyres,



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