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Macca’s Trax #8

G’day trendsetters,

Back again for an update, I left Port Fairy after a rather socially hectic week with Merv Hughes and Squizzy Taylor from Merv Hughes Fishing and made my way into a week off filming. I cruised up the coast in the Chev dropping into Ocean Grove to deliver a few things to Robby Nethercote’s mum and dad Andy and Lyn that they’d left with us on the shoot in Warrnambool. 

After that I caught up with some mates that were working around Queenscliff which didn’t help me getting over the past social scene created by Merv and Squizzy but it was great to see them as always. Next morning I was woken by the news I had a few things to do in Melbourne to prepare for our next journey which is to Phillip Island so off I went again, into the city. I’ve been staying in an Airbnb in Glen Iris which worked well for me getting around and doing the things I had to do, as well as catching up with some more mates. I had proper good night with the boss, Wazzer and old mates Rob Mills and Bowie. We caught up at the Middle Park Hotel, had a few beers, a good feed and a million laughs which in hind sight, we probably should have pulled up a little earlier.

Friday night saw me attending the Caravan Industry Victoria Gala awards night and it was a ripper night. The team at Thomas Cook Boot and Clothing Co. sorted me out with a new outfit as all my gear is still up in Queensland and I couldn’t rock up to a black tie affair in jeans, boots and a blue shirt. They even topped me off with a brand new hat, happy days! After a couple of years of covid lockdowns it was awesome to catch up with old friends I hadn’t seen for a while. Naturally I enjoyed it to the highest level which led to Saturday being a little more sedate than normal. 

It’s Sunday morning now and today is load up and get ready for work tomorrow. I’ve got to pick up our next Celebrity host, Geoff Cox in the morning and we will be on our way to the beautiful Phillip Island. We will be marrying up with the team from Red Centre Caravans along the way to get a hold of a van to enjoy down there.

Anyway, best I get sorted,

Talk soon, Macca

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Craig “Macca” McGown has spent more than half his life exploring and working all over Australia. He has been involved in the outdoor leisure industry for over 15 of those years and has an intimate understanding of what does and doesn’t work in Australia’s harshest environments.

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